Yet another calm weekend after months of lockdowns and I sit down to enjoy a book. After turning a couple of pages, I’m no longer able to keep going. In-between, I’ve managed to look at my phone four times and I’ve had my thoughts wander away. Why does something so simple feel suddenly so difficult?

Rating: 7/10. A masterpiece about one of the most central topics in the human experience. This was Ernest Becker’s first mature work before his own early departure, providing a theoretical and psychoanalytical perspective on not only death but also other questions that we all keep asking ourselves.

High-level thoughts

As a professional in any field there is a high chance that you’ve developed a set of tools and mental models to conduct your work. Today I wanted to briefly discuss how great professionals become better by continuously sharpening their skill sets.

How do we learn?

When approaching this book I was looking to learn in detail about how Salesforce spearheaded the “new sales model” which has since become the industry standard for many SaaS sales teams. What I ended up with instead was absolutely nothing new and a recap of only one truly useful thing.

Rating: 3/10.

High level thoughts

  1. Create one team that is dedicated to source new business (SDR/BDR, Market Response Reps), and make another team responsible for closing the deals (Account Executives, CSM’s…

Discovery is one of the most critical parts of any sales process. If you manage to listen, understand and ask the right questions, you’ll be well on your way to educate and deliver an unrivalled buying experience.

For as long as companies have sought to make revenue generation predictable, the idea of sales qualification has been taught to salespeople across industries.

This article is about drafting an effective, clear, accountable and a commitment inducing follow up email the right way.

I’ve been working in sales for the most part of my career, but it wasn’t until I moved to a new company when I got to use the “industry standard” Salesforce platform as an everyday tool.

Background: I am my own worst enemy

For a sales professional, starting in a new position can feel intimidating. A new role in a company with fresh tasks can often come accompanied with stress and an expectation to start performing fast. If looked positively, a new job is an opportunity to give a great impression and show your value as a priceless new member of a well-functioning team.

Santeri L

Author at The Lost Book of Sales, technology enthusiast and an avid learner.

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